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Why go to the cost and inconvenience of replacing your old bath tub?

Especially when you have an Acrylic Repairs technican who can bring your bath back to looking in as new condition. And why stop with your bath when our colour matching magicians can do make overs on your vanity unit, shower linings and shower tray?
Please note Acrylic Repairs don't supply a whole bath resurfacing service and we don't undertake repairs where it is of no real value to you (e.g. bath is worn too thin). We pride ourselves on doing jobs that will bring you lasting pleasure.

The before and after photographs below are a testimony to our skills.
Don't despair - we repair! Call us now for a beautiful restoration job.

bath crack before Acrylic Repair renovation
Disastrous crack and gouge in bath rim
bath after immaculate  restoration
Unbelievable bath restoration
View repair photo sequence

bath fine cracks, discolouration and chip
Fine cracks, discolouration and chip
bath after invisible reapir
All gone with an as new repair
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